SourceMod and MetaMod are an add-on for L4D to control or modify game play for hosts and admins.

Typically, this could be quite difficult for the novice user so I have made 2 exe files compiling the necessary files to get you started. Install either to the L4D root directory.

There is also a tutorial on the 'tradition method' of installing SourceMod and MetaMod, Installing Plugins andAdding Admins.   


[L4D]SourceMod-Basic.exe    3.16 MB
SourceMod & MetaMod Basic Files (windows only)

[L4D]SourceMod-Plus.exe    3.21 MB
SourceMod & MetaMod (windows only) and the plugins listed below.

Included Plugins
Force Mission Changer 1.3.2
At change of mission players automatically pass to new mission.

VS Infected Bots 1.6
Spawns special infected bots to fill up the infected team.

Votekick Autoban 1.3
For griefers who will be vote kicked and instantly return to continue griefing.

Vote Spam Guard (Dead Giveaway)
Allows server administrators to specify a minimum amount of time that must elapse before a player can call another vote. It also optionally displays the name of the player starting a vote to others and logs the name of people who start votes.

Vocalize Spam Guard
Sick and tired of people joining L4D only to non stop spam vocalize commands making it hard to hear any of the game play environment and constantly looking for the 'Tank' or 'Witch' or other crap they are spamming about.

Friendly-Fire Limit 1.1.1
This plugin limits friendly-fire damage for Survivors and includes important features for servers. Unlike other plugins, this allows you to keep friendly-fire enabled on your server and set a FF cap per player in case someone tries to grief mid-game.

While you play in VS you can't take a break aka 'go_away_from_keyboard'.

I have also added a admin-keys.cfg to the cfg directory to bind a few keys for admining. To execute admin-keys.cfg, open the console and type exec [space] e.g. exec , this will drop down a list of your cfg . If you have an autoexec.cfg, include the line exec admin-keys.cfg. This will run the cfg when starting L4D.

High Ping Kicker


Installing SourceMod & MetaMod

Download MetaMod
extract the 'addons' folder to your left4dead game folder, like this:

Then create and download metamod.vdf file HERE
choose OS: linux/win, game: left4dead, leave the 'gamefolder' section empty - and click Generate.
Copy your 'metamod.vdf' inside the 'addons' folder

Next install SourceMod: v1.2 or higher
Download SourceMod
extract it to your
.../Left4Dead/left4dead folder.

Check files:

  • inside the addon folder you should have a 'metamod' and 'sourcemod' folder
  • inside your 'metamod' folder you should have a file called 'sourcemod.vdf'
  • you should have a 'sourcemod' folder inside the 'cfg' folder in left4dead

Verify that sourcemod is running. Type meta list in console.


Installing Plugins

Left4Dead Plugins Search

Download plugins from Alliedmods and extract them in the following folder:

Once you have done this, make sure you set any cvars you need to set (as per the advice in the threads in the alliedmods forum) and then restart your server to let the plugin take effect. If you have problems, remove the plugin and seek advice.

Adding Admins

Once SourceMod and MetaMod are installed and working, make hosting easier by adding admins. There are 2 files located in ...Left4Deadleft4deadaddonssourcemodconfigs called admins_simple.ini and admins.cfg. Either will allow adding an admin withadmins_simple.ini being the easiest of the 2.

Open admins_simple.ini with notepad and scroll to the bottom. There are a couple of examples but I recommend using the 'Steam ID' instead of name or I.P. Steam IDs are generated by L4D and are used in Garena and are unique to all players. I.P.s in Garena constantly change and names will require a password every time L4D is started. To get the Steam ID, type status while in game. I recommend using '// ' to comment the admins name. eg

// myfist0 (root admin) highest rank with all permissions
'STEAM_1:0:174982234' '99:z'
// versatileninja
'STEAM_0:1:16' 'bce'
// hail2king
'STEAM_0:1:16' 'bce'

The second part '99:z' is immunity and flags. Immunity (not required) is used when admins target each other (higher number = higher rank) and flags specify the controls the admins are allowed.

Admin Flags

  • z  - Root Grants all permissions
  • a  - Reserved slots
  • b  - Generic admin, required for admins
  • c  - Kick other players
  • d  - Banning other players
  • e  - Removing bans
  • f   - Slaying other players
  • g  - Changing the map
  • h  - Changing cvars
  • i   - Changing configs
  • j   - Chat privileges
  • k  - Voting
  • l   - Password the server
  • m - rcon Remote console
  • n  - Change sv_cheats and related commands

Verify your admins status. Type sm_who in console.

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