So you want to Install Custom Maps?

Installing custom maps is pretty easy.  You need to go to a website such as or

Find the map that you want, and download it.  You may need to extract the map using Winrar or 7-Zip since maps may come as a .RAR, .7Z, or .ZIP file.  Once extracted, copy and paste all files to your maps folder in the left4dead/maps.

It is as simple as that!

What if the Map is .VPK?

To install these maps:
  1. Extract the .VPK map to the "addons" folder.  It is located :Left4Dead\left4dead\addons(not add-ons)
  2. Go to the console, and type "map <whatever".
Example: I have roadwarrior.vpk and I put it in the addons folder.
At the console I type:  map l4d_sv_roadwarrior

Notice that the name of the map will automatically show up.  Awesome!