Updated patch page to have latest patch and rev emu. - Versatile
Added the patch nov9th to the pathces page. Update your game if you need to.
Updated the site with a Maps page containing the greatest Left4Dead campaign of all time. This campaign is better than any valve map .  Get it now in the Maps section.  It's Amazing.   Darth Brush is a mapping God
Well thank god we finally have a working 1015 patch that can be played online and yes the generator finally works.  This patch is not without bugs though, hitting the server browser in the menu will crash game to the desktop.  The server list can be found now in Play Campaign, Play with Steam Group Online.  Also added an Alien Pulse Rifle skin with the sounds from the movie, so it's the complete package.  enjoy

Clean up



Cleaned up the patches section.  Made it alot easier to read, less colors, and simple step by step instructions.  Now I hope noobs will stop asking the same stupid questions in the forums about how to patch, I doubt it though, lol.
I've added this file for the stand alone back due to popular demand. ~ Versatile
added the crazy skin mod to make all the infected Teletubbies that you can blow limb from limb.  Also includes their voices and crazy other sounds.  
Updated the patch page with the New Crash Course DLC.(1015)  patch was uplooaded by a fellow garena user(Aiden Warren)  Note : This is not the official 1015 update, but it does work online and change your game version to 1015.




Fixed the patch page. Added a new master patch with all hotfixes to Aug. 21st.

Added the rev emulator link with special instructions.  ~ Versatile
I added a couple new mirror links since the old ones weren't working.  Also redesigned the patches page and added easier instructions and better font sizes to avoid confusion. New videos added with explanations for the patches they pertain to.  Timeless patching video is now at the top for new viewers so they don''t keep asking stupid questions in the Q&A page.