Important: As of 5-21-11, I am no longer maintaining this site. Get the latest patches at EPC gaming.
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 Get the Skullptura Left 4 Dead Full Rip >> CLICK HERE NOW<<
  *use firefox addon downthemall for over 1mb speeds!!!!*

Watch the video below to learn how to properly patch your copy of Left4Dead.
Patches are at the bottom of the page

I am in a hurry. What do I need to do to play online?
  • First thing your gonna need a copy of skullptura's Left4dead Full Rip.  If you don't have a copy go to the link above and download it in under 30 mins!!!!!!!!!
  • Enable developer's console first. It is under the keyboard/mouse options.  Now press ` (button to left of number 1).
  • Type "version" in console to determine your version.  If you are not, go to the download section and download what you need to get to
  • You will need to get the master patch 1xxx to 
  • Download the latest rev emulator.     
  • Configure Garena client properly for Left 4 Dead.
  • If you want to learn how to use Garena, go to the guide here. 

How do I install game updates?

Installing game updates is easy.  If your update is a wizard, even better.  Tell it where your left 4 dead game directory is, and let it overwrite the existing files.

If the patch is not a .exe, but it is a .zip, .rar, or .7z, you can use a free tool such as 7-zip to extract these files. Download it from

Need help understanding how to patch?

I have created three tools to help you learn. 
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • PDF file
  • Timeless Youtube Video [at the bottom of the page]
Use any three of the methods above to learn how to patch your game!

Powerpoint Presentation

A quick guide on how to install master patches in Power Point form. If you need a Power Point viewer, get it here.                                                            

L4D Power Point Presentation
L4D Point Point in PDF Form

*****************************************************************************************************************************                Updates and Patches  Section
IMPORTANT: As of 5-21-11, we are no longer maintaining the patches. Please get them at EPC Gaming Forums.

Link to newest patches:  EPC Gaming Forums
        Newest Patch ( - Please go to the EPC gaming forums for the latest patches)

Older Patches are at the bottom of the page

         Always install patches to your main L4D folder
                          (example C:/Left4dead )

To update to the latest version
Follow the Steps below
1.  Install Master patch 1xxx to [outdated]
2.  Install the latest rev emulator.

3.  Rebuild your audio, snd_rebuildaudiocache into console
5.  Play the Game!!!!  (read notes below first!)

Warning: If you click on server browser  your game will crash
Join all games through friend list or manually through console

To See the Friends list in game select Play Campaign, then Play on Steam Group Server

Master Patch 1.x.x.x to

Rev-Emu v9.81 R4 Installer

       After patching always reuild your sound cache!!!
Rebuild you audiocache after patching or you'll get hissing sounds.Type snd_rebuildaudiocache into  game console