Dead Before Dawn Campaign is Finally available!!!

After a year in the making this campaign is finally released.  Developed by master map maker Darth Brush this campaign is nothing short of spectacular.  Custom models, scripts, sounds, and puzzles are littered throughout this outstanding campaign, making it the most uniique and fun campaign for L4D.  The intial release comes with 5 maps both in co op and versus, with a finale being released in a few weeks barring further testing.  This campaign is based of the remake of George Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead(2004) and has stays very true to the movie as far as locals, set pieces and even cinemas.  Also for the L4dmods community that contributed to getting darth a new computer to finish this great campaign they got their names in the game as well as the game is littered with other really cool Easter Eggs.  Now servers have crashed you can grab this map through a torrent or better yet use the direct link provided below.

Grab Dead Before Dawn Now!!! 
<Click Here>
   or here>  <Mirror Links>   This link provides multiple ways of getting the map, either through a torrent or by multiple rar files. I suggest using the Megaupload 2 parter.

How to Install This Campaign

To install the map Unzip the Dead Before Dawn Folder, then Place the entire folder named Dead Before Dawn into your Left4dead/left4dead/addons  folder. 

NOTE:    Rebuilld your audio cache after installing this campaign or you won't hear all the custom music!!
To rebuild your cache open the console in game and type  snd_rebuildaudiocache  
 Let the loading bar finish(takes like 5mins) then your ready to play!!

Gameplay Videos of Dead Before Dawn below