Custom Sprays Page

This Page will be dedicated to how to install and get your favorite sprays for Left 4 Dead. The Link for a great spray site is below the instructions.  Enjoy!!

How to Install Custom Sprays

First you will need a program such as 7zip or winrar to extract the custom sprays. Get 7zip here>>7Zip  Get Winrar here>> Winrar

Second once extracted, take the 1 or 2 files included in the folder(should be a VTF and TMV file) copy both files then paste them into your /left4dead/left4dead/materials/vgui/logos/custom folder. Note: you may need to make a custom folder by right clicking and selecting create new folder.

Third step: In game go into your options menu ,go to multiplayer option, import spray logo, navigate to your /left4dead/left4dead/materials/vgui/logos/custom folder and select the spray you want, then go to spraypaint image and scroll down to allow custom content.

To Get Custom Sprays Click Here