Added Aug. 3rd L4D hotfix.
Added patch through July 31st.  Added new non steam patch link as well. ~ Versatile
Added a chat support box on the Q&A page for instant help in all your Left 4 Dead needs.

Created new maps page with our ratings and download links.  Myself and Versatile will be trying out new maps almost everynight, look for us in Garena USA room if you want to play with us and help us review some new maps. ~Hail2King


Added a new page with tutorials on downloading sourcemod and plugins written by myfist0 Warning:  The standalone RC3 will disable your server browser in game , use the standalone RC2 it works flawlessly. ~Hail2King


Added mediafire links for the patches.  ~ Versatile


Today I played through the newly updated Death Aboard campaign and it is nothing short of spectacular.  The best campaign for l4d so far, so I've added a dwnld link in the custom maps section.  Also added a 800mb download of Left4dead skullpura-full rip.  This link is located in the patches section.  Thanks to all the undergroundl4d viewers out there ~Hail2King


Added youtube videos to the garena section on the new server browser, and added a VPK video to the map section.

In short, you have a lot of information here to learn about L4D! ~ Versatile


Spray Tutorial added.  Will be adding some custom sprays to the page at a later date.  If you have a good spray please comment and send the link. Thank you.  ~ Hail2King


Added the Johnny Bravo Sound mod for the tank.  This was a special request from my friend on Hamachi, Bima.   ~ Hail2King