Hi everyone Hail2King here.  This blog page will be dedicated to the many skin mods for Left 4 Dead.   There are so many different kinds of skin mods out there so I'm going to start compiling alot of them into packages that way you can get multiple skins without having to download each and everyone.   Look around and decide which one's you like and download.   Have fun and please comment on whether or not you like my page or not.   Thank You.

These mods will only work on non dedicated servers(user created) and single player. If you want to change back to normal skins just use your backups of the files you made  If your game won't work even after you've tryed that, apply my fix below.

 (CLICK HERE FOR MOD FIX(return game to original)

Aliens Pulse Rifle with Sound!!!

This is a skin mod of the Pulse Rifle from the movie Aliens.  It is very cool and looks incredible, doku really did a great job when making this.  I took a sound file and mixed it into the files, so now with this download your gun will actually sound like the real thing from the movies.  To install just place the folders into left4dead/left4dead.   Enjoy!!

(Click Here) for this excellent skin and sound mod combo

Left 4 Teletubbies(v1.1)
Infected Skin Pack

The teletubbies want to eat your brains
This is a crazy mod with the teletubbies replacing the normal infected.  Plus there's nothing more satifying then blowing the limbs off of a teletubby.  This skin mod also includes the voices for the teletubbies. Watch the video below to get an idea of how much fun this crazy skin mod really is!!

To get this great mod click below.  Also read the (read me) file included or the instructions on the download page  to learn how to install this mod properly.

Nude Zoey skin- perverts need this one

This Skin for Zoey shows her completely topless and bottomless!!!!!Enjoy her jigglies but don't lose your concentration while staring at her goodies or the zombies will get you, haha  Check out the video and pics below to see zoey in her bare skin and ass.  Enjoy this one I know I love it. haha.
Download Link is below the pics.
To Download this nude zoey skin click the link below


Weapon's skin mod mega pack

This weapon skin pack I made includes all the weapons below.  All of these came from www.fpsbanana.com.  I have compiled all of them into one major weapon skin pack and I also included a modified pak01.dir and whitelist  file.  To install all these weapons it's as simple as copy and paste,  a read me file is also included if you are confused about what to do.

 Check out the photos below also to see which weapons are included!!!!

  To download my weapon skin pack click below 


Infected skin mod pack

This is my skin mod mega pack for the Special Infected.  I've chosen some comical skins to make your Special Infected look very different then the normal ones.   Make sure you make a backup of your pak01.dir and whitelist.cfg files before installing this pack otherwise you won't be able to change them back to normal.  I've also included in the pack a modified pak01.dir and whitelist.cfg too make installing as easy as possible.  If your still confused as to how to install this pack view the read me file included in the package.  All these skin mods are from www.fpsbanana.com

Please look at the pics below to see what skins are included and decide if you want this mega skin mod pack made by me.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(To download this infected mega skin pack click the link below)

Hail2King's Infected skin modpack

Clown Zombie Mod

This is a very cool mod that turns all the zombies in the game into a psycotic crazy looking clowns.  Even the Special Infected get a makeover with this mod.  This mod is done professionally and in my opinion makes the zombies even more scarier.  Who wouldn't get freaked out with a blood soaked clown zombie running at you trying to eat your brains, lol.  This mod is one of my favorite skins out there, but keep in mind that if you downloaded any other mods your gonna have to make backups of your pak01.dir and whitelist.cfg plus whatever this mod requires. 

(Some pictures are posted below, If you want this exeptional skin mod just click below)