I have word from a few Garena viewers that they have witnessed other people that whenever this link is given out in the chat channel, someone would say "Hey, that site sucks man.  Try this garena forum guide instead."

You cannot be serious!  At one point in time, I had made 4 various L4D guides on my blog.  I've decided that when creating this website, less is indeed more.  People don't care about the theories or the instructions.  They want the download links, a short guide on what to do, and start fragging!

I respect the Garena guides, but it is missing something.  I can't point my finger on it.  I think it has something to deal with personality, and eager want to help?  I troll in the Garena chat rooms, Exglade and Tulsa240 not so much.

If you want to find me, my user name is versatileninja.  Good luck!

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