This is an update to the reality soundpack.  It has numerous improvments to all the sound files. Look at the list of improvements and watch the video below to hear this awesome weapon sound pack.
Download link is below the video. Enjoy.
v 1.1
- crash course compatibility
- new hunting rifle firing sounds
- new minigun sounds
- fixed footsteps audibility range
- slightly more dull SMG firing sounds
v 1.0
- all new weapon sounds (aside from the SMG firing sounds and all reloading sounds, wich are taken from my previous soundpacks)
- three minimal different soundfiles for each firing sound the game choose randomly from, for a less steril firing experience
- longer and with that, more realistic outdoor gunshot reverbs (unfortunatly the game doesnt differentiate between in- and outdoor firing, and so we have to life with one reverb for both...)
- all new minigun sounds
- new footstep sounds for the most undergrounds the survivors are running at
- new bullet ricochet sounds (the hypersonic bullet snaps are taken from rsp 1 for now..)
- all the punch sounds now have less annoying bass
- new pipebomb explosion sound
- numerous subtle changes to the overall volume soundmixing

Get the Reality Soundpack 2 v1.1 now
Download link           Mirror link

To install simply drag and drop the .vpk file into your left4dead/left4dead/addons folder

You can turn this on and off in the extra menu if you want, it's a great option .vpk  files give you.



10/13/2009 13:29


thank you for publishing my soundpack on your site! :)
i have one request. could you please link to the fpsbanana site as the download location?
this way i will have an overview about the total downloads. thnx :)

and btw. if anyone would like to discuss or leave a comment also elswhere then on underground l4d, feel free to post there:

thank you! :)


10/14/2009 12:56

@Sofad, sure thing I've updated the page now. Great work on the soundpack I've been a fan of it since the first version and this new one is even better. Keep up the good work.

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