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I am no longer maintaining this site. For the latest L4D1 patches, please go to the link below:
EPC Gaming L4D1 Patches

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The easy to remember URL for this site is now

Welcome to the Left 4 Dead Underground
For Help or support with installing the game or patches try the chat box located on the Q&A page.  If one of us are online we will help you get your game working.

Note: As of 4-18-10, this website will have to be re-done. All focus is on L4D 2. Please see L4D 2 guide at - Versatile


Due to recent experiences at, any special L4D article dealing with patches and tutorials will be at this site.  This site is still rough around the edges, but over time it will get better.  The goal of this website is to have all the L4D information in one spot with the patches and the tutorials.  It will become a lean beast to get you the information that you need in the least time possible - Underground Style.  ~ Versatile [5-27-09]
L4D 2 Guide available now for Tunngle. See it HERE.
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